Image by Leslee Mitchell.

Why is this blog called "deep hunger, deep gladness?" Take a trip to my first post and find out. 

I'll wait while you read that. 


Welcome back! 

I'm Mary Catherine, a 27-year-old Southern woman. I grew up in Alabama and recently moved from Birmingham to Asheville, North Carolina. I live with my husband, Jordan, and our 1 1/2 year old black labradoodle, Tom Hanks. 

I graduated from Birmingham-Southern College with a degree in English, joined Teach For America in 2011, and had jobs working to end educational inequity since then. Last summer, I chose to leave the world of full-time employment to pour some energy into figuring out what I could do that best feeds my creative and people-loving soul. This is a start. 

Things I love: 

  • My very close-knit family and our very close-knit friends
  • MY DOG
  • The United Methodist Church
  • Potato products, starches, and carbs, pretty much indiscriminately 
  • Watching my favorite movies over and over again
  • Funny and smart women (and people, generally, but especially women)
  • Ice cream 
  • Exercising and not exercising, depending on what day you ask me
  • The Office 
  • The first bite of something I really really wanted to eat
  • Beautiful clothes
  • Sarah Jessica Parker 
  • Good manners
  • Singing, writing, and acting foolish
  • Social media
  • Cooking and baking, and experimenting with both 
  • Trying to empathize when I don't agree 
  • My husband, and how he never gets upset when I (constantly) accidentally physically hurt him

Things I do not love: 

  • The smell broccoli and onions leave in the house hours after you've cooked them
  • People smacking their gum
  • Ads or articles about animal abuse
  • Social media (double edged sword)
  • Constantly breaking things/accidentally hurting myself/being a klutz
  • When guys shave their beard along their jawline
  • The sinking realization that I just said something dumb
  • Folks who don't care to try and walk in someone else's shoes
  • How long it's taking for all children to have access to great education
  • Heavy meats, like steak
  • The feeling you get when you've watched way too much Netflix and kind of hate yourself