Graveyard Fields and Waterfall

Spooky name, right? I know. 

Thankfully, that's the only scary thing about this area. This, like Mt. Mitchell, is another hike that includes a drive down the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway. 

The name comes from what was once fields full of trees that were reduced to stumps by an enormous wind hundreds of years ago. The stumps looked like rows of tombstones (hence the name). Since then, a wildfire has burned those stumps away, but the name remains, and still draws lots of people to this really cool and popular hiking spot. 

The multitude of trails around the area are great, because, depending on what you're in the mood for, you can really suit yourself. Jordan, TH and I hiked one of the trails that continues up the mountain (the base sits at 5, 120 feet) and we really enjoyed it. The terrain is different from a lot that you normally see in this area -- you still get the lush, green plants, but because the wildfire cleared so many trees, they all sit on more of a plain than in a forest. 

Also, REAL blueberries! Like, I (Jordan) picked them and I (really me this time) ate them! Straight off the bush! It was crazy! 

But the best part of this hike is easily the waterfall and stream. At one point trying to get back toward the exit, we got a little lost (although Jordan would insist he knew where we were - hehe!) and thank goodness! We ended up alongside the beautiful stream that feeds into the waterfall. Watching Tom Hanks discover how deep the water was and splash around in it was hysterical to me. We kicked off our shoes and ended up hiking in the stream itself almost the entire way back! As a Type A planner, I'm learning to love these little spontaneous little moments that create such sweet memories. I can thank my husband for that. 

Here's a video of our big ol' dummy (said with love) trying to figure out how to walk in water (that's really not that deep). Please excuse my spastic breath-laughter. 

We loved the different terrain and water features that this hike offered, and because it's so popular, it looks like we aren't alone. Would be a truly fabulous summer hike for a couple or family. Pack swimsuits, a lunch, and make a day of it! 

Hopefully, you'll enjoy it so much that you'll be tuckered out like this little fella. 

Torn sheet used to fight (and lose) against dog hair in the car.