Something to Uplift You.

I'll keep it short and sweet this morning. 

Yesterday, a reader left this video series in the comments section of my post. I watched and was so heartened, so lifted up, by both sides of this conversation.

First, by the fact that Van Jones, an African American man who was a policy advisor-turned CNN commentator, took the time, for free, to sit down with (entirely White) people with whom he knew he disagreed. He wasn't there to convert people, he was there to share his opinion and to learn about theirs. 

Secondly, by the fact that this group of White folks could express their beliefs, but also listen to and learn from him

People would have us believe that America is a completely divided place in this moment; that we can't sit and have a respectful conversation with people who don't share our beliefs. 

Don't buy it. 

Watch this, and I'll see you Monday. Love you.