Carrie Fisher.

If you, like me, are mourning the sudden and shocking death of the iconic Carrie Fisher, here are a couple of things to listen to/watch today that will both make you smile and make your heart ache. 

The first is a hilarious Good Morning America clip from when CF was promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She has her rescue dog, Gary, with her, while she promotes the movie. This poor little interviewer was not ready for her razor sharp wit and brutal honesty. It is hilarious. I remember making Jordan watch this four or five times in a row last year when it aired. 

The second is an episode of my favorite podcast, Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Carrie Fisher was just interviewed last week about the release of her new novel The Princess Diarist. She talks about her affair with Harrison Ford, making the original Star Wars movies, her relationship with her mother, and, of course, Gary. 

Terry Gross belly-laughs all the way through this one. Click here to listen. 

Click the photo to listen to this piece on NPR's website. 

Click the photo to listen to this piece on NPR's website. 

And, as a sad bonus tribute, watch Debbie Reynolds crush the game in Singin' In the Rain. Jordan and I watched this last night. He asked, "Do they even make people like this anymore??"