Beautiful Max Patch

If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably like, "UGH, enough with the Max Patch stuff already!" 

But if you've been to Max Patch, you're not like that at all. 

Max Patch is what those in the know call a "bald," which is a naturally occurring patch of tree-less hilltop in the middle of an otherwise wooded area. What makes it even more special is that at its summit, you get a 360* view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from 4,600 ft. 

Max Patch is part of the Appalachian Trail, so hikers that are going north-to-south, who have been hiking on heavily wooded trails, suddenly climb up the side of a mountain and BAM. The world opens up like you've never seen it before.

Being on top of this mountain is indescribable - as anyone who has had a breathtaking experience in nature knows, it's probably the closest you come to feeling like God has materialized and is standing right next to you. It's also the closest you'll get to being Julie Andrews in the beginning of The Sound of Music twirling on that mountaintop. (Did it, and I'm not sorry.) 

Jordan, Tom Hanks and I have now been to Max Patch in almost every season, so I have pictures of it in summer, fall, and winter - just waiting on spring! 

I thought I'd share, because it's just a bunch of beauty, and because it's Wednesday, so ya might need a little beauty bump to get you through your week.  



Little note: Jordan's family came into town for New Year's, so we spent January 1 on top of Max Patch. Pretty unreal way to kick off the new year. It was also 12* when we went up, but with wind, felt like 0*, so we were snapping pictures as fast as we could before our hands froze. 

My very favorite part of all of these photos is that Jordan had the idea months ago to take a picture of TH and me in every season. Once we have all four, we're going to frame them in our house. So far we've got these three - can't wait for spring!