The Final Countdown: Do's, Don'ts, and Myths

Goooood morning! 

Coming to you live from between weeks 31 and 32, we're talking today about all the things people tell you not to do during pregnancy, how much those things are based in fact, and the insane myths that somehow are still perpetuated (like "Don't sleep on your back," or "Any amount of alcohol is going to give your baby FAS."). Also discussing all the things I'm ready to do again post-pregnancy (spoiler alert: club. SAMMICH). 

Please ignore my knife skills in this video, as they are horrible and upon watching this back, I'm realizing I need to go to culinary school. Yikes. 

Music used: Rockabye Baby! 
Songs: Don't Stop Believin'
Here Comes the Sun
Can't Stop the Feelin' 
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