Exclusive Behind the Scenes Photos of Rachel as The Bachelorette


Okay so my really great friend Tammie Beassie Banko (who I will refer to as TBB from now on as it is swaggier and also what I actually call her) is a law student at SMU in Texas. 

I would like to include a transcript of our texts from a few days ago, as that will really be the better way to tell this story. I will also be redacting my horrible trucker mouth because in my real life I am a disgusting sailor. 

TBB realized that Rachel was on campus whilst she was in class. Here is what followed: 

It turns out that Rachel was filming her intro reel on campus. And finally, TBB was able to escape. THEN I got these gems: 

Anyway this was basically the best day ever. HAPPY WEEKEND!