What's Going On?

The question I've been asking myself for a couple of days in a row with regard to the happenings of our country. 

Listen, here's the thing. Whatever your politics, we all need to be informed (objectively, fairly, factually) about the goings-on around us, especially when things are taking place that people have opinions about. Nothing is worse than picking up false information from someone who thinks they know what they're talking about, or having to sit in a group and not contribute to the conversation because you feel uninformed. I've certainly been there. 

Linked throughout this post are articles that you can read to get more up-to-speed, if you so choose. I've read them and they were really helpful for me! And, as always, I'm going to plug theSkimm (a one-page, daily newsletter that informs you on the bare-bones, unbiased facts of the news cycle and allows you to get all you need in less than 5 minutes).

The two major things that are happening: 

1. FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Trump yesterday. This is significant because of a couple of reasons:

-Director Comey is only the second FBI Director to be fired in American history. Usually, the person who holds this position serves 10 years, through multiple (and often bipartisan) administrations. 
- Comey was leading the investigation into Trump's relationship with Russia, so there are lots of folks who feel the timing is suspicious. 

2. The Senate Judiciary Committee is hearing testimonies about Michael Flynn, a man Trump hired as national security adviser and then fired after it came to light that he had been lying about his own relationship and communication with Russia. This is significant because: 

- It is now coming to light that people (including then-President Obama) definitively warned President Trump about Flynn, even going so far as to say he shouldn't be hired. 
- Flynn's dishonesty about his relationship with a country people already have suspicions about while he was working in the White House is leading people to believe that there is lots we don't know about Trump's own relationship with Russia, who, it's been proven, interfered in the election to help Trump win. 


Read up. We've got lots of informing ourselves to do and we can't get lazy, because this sh*t is important. 

Hope your Hump Days are all fabulous.