4 Years (and Video of our Ceremony!)

I had this whole post written up for today. It was soOoOoO long, went into such detail about this last year...but this morning when I woke up, all I could think about was the moment I walked down the aisle. It's a moment that gives me goosebumps every time to remember. I've probably watched this video back...well, more times than I'd like to admit...because everything about it is wonderful, both in my memory and in the way Brittany Sturdivant captured it. So I thought I'd share it with you - that, and the moment we walked back down the aisle together at the end of our ceremony, which is also very special to me BECAUSE.... 

Jordan is a massive Jurassic Park fan, so it worked out nicely that he was amenable to my long-held wish to recess from my wedding ceremony to the suite from Jurassic Park by John Williams. Listen hard - you'll recognize it. The fact that our (actual) genius of an organist was up for this is the icing on the cake - I daresay this was the very best rendition of this song that's ever been played. HOT TAKE!

This is only the beginning and ends of our ceremony, so if you (are my mother and) want to watch the entire thing, you can visit this link! 

There are some things we all tend to downplay when people congratulate us or praise us about. But today, I'm basking in the glory of making the best possible choice four years ago. There's no one better suited for me, and I'd do it all again today. 

Happy Anniversary, Jordy.