New York Trip 2016

Every once in a while, I get focused on writing social/entertainment commentary pieces and forget I can sometimes write a post about something totally personal! So here's one of those. 

We went to New York - from the Saturday after Thanksgiving to Wednesday of last week - and had a BALL. Jordan had some continuing education work to do up there, so I got to tag along with his practice. 

I've been fortunate to go to NY many times, but this trip was really different. Every other time I've been, it's been with family or with a group of some sort. This time, though, Jordan spent a lot of the day in his classes, so I had hours and hours to myself. 

It. Was. Heavenly. 

Not because I don't love Jordan, but because I had never gotten to explore the city on my own! Everyone is like this - left to your own devices, you can linger as long as you want in a store, spend as much time reading about something totally weird, and do things to Carrie's Brownstone and pay homage. 

Not that I did that. (I did that.) 

Our "Secret Single Self" behavior, if you will. 

So I got to do several new things: brunch at Sarabeth's, where I enjoyed 6 uninterrupted chapters of Hillbilly Elegy and lemon ricotta pancakes; wandering through Barney's; a cookie at Magnolia Bakery; writing in Central Park. 

This was also Jordan's first trip to NYC ever, so we did a few things that are NY staples! Here's an onslaught of low-quality iPhone pictures: 


NY Public Library
Natural History Museum
Central Park
Cookshop (dinner)
Milkbar (dessert)

Highlights this day: Jordan's reaction to all things New York was pretty great. The museums/library are always spectacular no matter how many times I see them - beautiful architecture and content.

Dinner that night was at a restaurant in Chelsea called Cookshop, recommended to me by one of my very coolest friends. We sat down at our table and looked over to our right to find that Lea Michele of Glee fame was having dinner next to us. Welcome to New York! 


Pilgrimage to Carrie's Brownstone
Le Pain Quotidien (brunch)
Meatball Shop (lunch)
9/11 Memorial and One World Trade Center Observatory (more to come about that in a separate post)
Eataly (dinner)

This was the first morning I had to myself, and I lived. it. UP. I walked to Carrie's Brownstone, which was such a special experience for me as I am an ENORMOUS SJP fan and had never gotten to do this. There were a couple of other very timid fans who were there, so we all kind of quietly took each other's pictures and then went our separate ways. Very strange and wonderful kinship. 

We went to Eataly for dinner and Y'ALL. Holy WOW. It's basically a labyrinth of Italian food. The front part of the space is a specialty market which sells any Italian food you can imagine. They pull their own mozzarella in house. I was dying. We went to La Pizza and La Pasta, which, if you couldn't decipher from the name, serves house-made pasta and pizzas. I basically left my body. It was mind-blowing.  


Sarabeth's (brunch)
Walk through Central Park
Walked to and around Chelsea
Phantom of the Opera with the dental practice
Midnight pizza

Sarabeth's was a true delight. On Yelp, several people mentioned that the service was bad or that they were rushed out of their table. That may have been the case for them, but the service I received was second-to-none. These guys were so attentive, without hovering, and I had to ask for the check. I sat and read a ton of my book and just watched all the different kinds of people drift in and out. Heavenly. 

That night, Jordan's practice took everyone to see Phantom of the Opera! I am traditionally not a huge Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, but there is absolutely nothing like being in a theater on Broadway with a live orchestra in the pit. It is really electrifying. The performance was lovely, and, as an extra special cherry on top, the cast announced after curtain call that this was the 12,000th performance of that show. How insane is that?? 


Russ and Daughters (brunch) 
NBC Studio tour
Public (dinner with Emily and Kevin!)  

Per another great recommendation, we journeyed to Russ and Daughters, a famous Jewish deli-turned-restaurant, and had our minds blown. If you've never had a real New York bagel, you are missing out, my friend. They are just better. So for brunch, we had matzoh ball soup, latkes, cream cheese and lox and bagels, and raspberry blintzes for dessert. Please just kill me now 'cause I'm dead. 

Afterwards, it was pouring rain, so we decided to do an indoor activity: a tour of NBC studios. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but we got to tour Jimmy Fallon's studio, Seth Meyer's studio, and (my Holy Grail) the SNL studio. Y'ALL. It is SO MUCH SMALLER in person. So that's probably the only time I'll be in that room in my life. I soaked in every minute. 

The highlight of the trip was getting to have dinner with my great friend from high school, Emily, and her charming boyfriend, Kevin! There's nothing like being in a city full of strangers, only to cap the experience with a long, boozy, laughter-filled dinner with people you already know. 

And yes, I did wear those pants two nights in a row. Sue me, okay? It was New York and I needed to wear my ridiculous crushed velvet wide leg pants a lot of times. ;) 

Can't wait until next time!