Gift Guide: For the Chef.

I thought it might be fun to suggest a few gifts for different kinds of people as we approach Christmas. To me, buying for someone who loves to be in the kitchen is not only simple, but really fun. There are so many gadgets and crazy kitchen tools at this point that you'll never run out of options. 

Most of these recommendations are smaller gifts, so I thought they'd group nicely together for kind of a bouquet of kitchen-related gifts! 

1. Food scraper

I use this almost every time I cook for anything from transferring chopped veggies to a pan to scraping the excess biscuit dough off of my cutting board; If you know someone without this, it's a must. Buy it here.   

2. Specialty salt

My mom gave all of us this heirloom salt from a family mine in West Virginia last year in our stockings. We've used it sparingly, so it's still around! Y'all, let me tell you - hand-mind salt just tastes better. It's so nice to have it around when you're hosting a dinner party or just feel like adding a depth of flavor to a weeknight meal. It really does make a difference. Buy it here

3. Cast iron skillet

Every cook needs a cast iron skillet. It's a kitchen non-negotiable. They cook evenly, go from your stovetop to your oven seamlessly, and last a lifetime. This 10.25 inch skillet from Lodge Cast Iron is available for $25 - and free shipping! Scoop it up here

4. Cheese board

Most people who love to cook also love to host. Having something pretty to put out on the countertop for a little pre-dinner nosh makes all the difference in the world. A polished, pretty cheese board, like this one from Williams Sonoma for $40, is a great gift and starts any party off right.

 5. Chef's knife

Context for this one: when Jordan and I got married, we forgot to register for knives. So for almost three years, I've been using his bachelor-pad knife set that couldn't cut through a sheet of paper. Can't count the number of times I've almost sliced off the tips of my fingers because I was pressing down so hard to chop a potato or an onion. Enter: my new best friend. 

Jordan was so precious and got me a "big girl" knife set for Christmas this year. GAME CHANGER. I immediately ran to the kitchen and chopped a potato - totally different experience. I barely applied pressure and was able to slice the potato so thinly that I could see through the slivers. If you know someone who's using a dated, awful knife set, I can guarantee this will bring them hours and hours of joy and satisfaction.


Happy hunting, friends!