Easter Candy: Ranked.

If you celebrate Easter, and you're like me, the most exciting part of Easter (besides our risen Lord, duh) is the candy. More specifically, the chocolate. When I was younger, chocolate and Cokes (or what Yankees call "sodas") used to be what I gave up for Lent every year, so taking that first bite of a chocolate doughnut on Easter morning was SERIOUSLY delicious. 

Jordan and I spent our first Easter away from our families this year, but distance didn't stop my mom from mailing the ultimate care package Easter basket complete with every candy known to man, plus an Easter treat for Tom Hanks. 

Also including Silly String. Which Jordan used to attack me. All night. 

Yes, I am drinking clearance champagne for no reason. Yes, I am already eating my Easter candy. Don't judge me. 

Some candy is good, but some candy is iconic. Let's discuss. 

Let me be clear: when I say "Easter candy," I don't mean regular candy that has been marketed for Easter, like Reese's cups in pastel colors of M&M's in a carrot-shaped bag. I'm talking about the classics -- the stuff that only comes out around Easter time. 

6. Reese's Peanut Butter Egg

This product ranks last on my list because it is just too rich for my blood. I don't know what's happened to me as I've gotten older, but biting into one of these things now makes me feel like all the roots of my teeth have dissolved - it's SO sugary. They're delicious and peanut buttery, but only for one bite. I can't finish one of these to save my life. Call it old age, but this ranks last on my list. 

5. Cadbury Eggs

The truth is, these rank a lot higher in terms of quality and taste, but I'm putting them down here because they don't get eaten as frequently as the other candies. Like the Reese's PB Egg, biting into a Cadbury Egg is similar to shooting sugar straight into your eyeball. Cadbury Eggs are maybe the classic Easter candy, but I can only eat a whole one if I am extremely committed. 

...I'm now realizing that this list is based on how much of said candy I can cram into my mouth and not die, rather than the quality of the candy itself. #america

4. Whoppers Robin's Eggs

You have to figure that Cadbury Mini Eggs came out first, and Hershey, not wanting to be outdone, produced a special version of Whoppers with a candy coating. These little eggies are extremely eat-able, but the flavor is not quite as good as others on this list. The candy coating leaves a little something to be desired, though the crunch of the Whopper inside is pretty delightful.

This candy is probably also the easiest way to chip a tooth, because every so often you pop one into your mouth bite down, and nothing happens. They're solid as rocks. So, you know, proceed with caution. But definitely proceed. 

3. Dove Dark Chocolate Bunny

Dark chocolate is my very favorite, and this bunny is a big crowd-pleaser in my house. Though it's simple - no fillings, no hidden surprises - this Easter treat satisfies every single time. Personally, I like to enjoy this bunny bit by bit in the weeks after Easter by keeping it in a Ziploc bag and breaking (okay, biting) off a little mouthful after-dinner as my treat. I mean, it's dark chocolate, right? It's semi-healthy, even if it is bunny-shaped. Sorry, little bunny, that I bit off your head. You served your country proud. 

2. Peeps

Fun fact: when I was growing up, for some reason, I thought Peeps were something that only my family knew about. I have no idea why, but I remember being absolutely shocked when I saw some Peeps in my friend's lunchbox the week after school. Totally outraged. How dare you, Peeps?? I thought we had something special. 

Another fun fact: Jordan Scott, my husband, had NEVER EATEN A PEEP before this Easter. WHAT?!?! WHO EVEN ARE YOU?? I made him eat one that was chocolate dipped, and he could only handle one bite before he surrendered. #lightweight 

Peeps don't rank high on everyone's list, but that's okay. Me and Peeps? We have something special. It's the perfect bite of marshmallowy deliciousness and pure sugar. Because at heart, I am 400 pounds.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Favorite Easter candy OF ALL TIME. Hands down, no question, game over, the best. The chocolate inside theses little guys is so delicious, the shell is so perfectly flavored and is also kind of weirdly chalky, which makes you feel like you aren't just mainlining pure sugar, the crunch is so satisfying - I could eat (and have eaten) dozens of these eggs in a row. It's the thing I always save for last in my Easter basket so I can enjoy them as slowly as possible. They really are just the perfect, quintessential Easter candy in my book. 

What did I leave out? What are your family's Easter traditions?