5 Things: Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

I realize "guarantee" is a strong word, but I feel like the following five things will at least make you smile. Even if you've seen them before, I bet you'll laugh again. 

Or maybe you won't. Maybe you're dead inside. 

Friday is a great day to start with some giggles. Don't you wake up Friday morning more excited than other days? WEEKEND! Yes!

Here we go: 

1. Wisdom Tooth Zombie Apocalypse

You've probably seen this one - it's the most recent of the bunch - but man it made me laugh. "Take the cat, you idiot!" is a highlight. 

2. Chris Pratt's Parks and Rec Blooper Reel

I have to warn you ahead of time that the first joke on this reel is EXTREMELY foul and NSFW. But HOLY FREAKING COW this guy is so funny. Long before he was smokin' hot, he was making poop jokes on P&R. 

3. Wizard People, Dear Reader

If you've never seen this, watch it all the way through. Trust me. This is one guy who has dubbed narration for all the Harry Potter movies. I tried to type an explanation just now and it just doesn't compare. Even funnier if you add alcohol.

4. Kate McKinnon Being Hysterical

There are about a million sketches I could put here, but this is the most recent and one of the funniest because no one can keep it together. Also, Ryan Gosling. 

5. This Ridiculous Vine

I have no idea why Jordan and I love this so much, but we can't take this video. It has almost killed us multiple times. If you want to see my husband's eyes disappear deep into his face and a very high pitched squeak-laugh, please play this video around him and it will be delivered. 

Okay people. Risking that you think exactly 0 of these are funny and posting it anyway. 

Enjoy your weekends!