Last Saturday Night

It's Monday, everybody! Hooray! 

Tom Hanks and I have a very exciting day planned - we're heading to Charlotte to see one of my very dearest friends, Meredith, and her new puppy, Ollie. Neither of us has met Ollie yet, and I'm REALLY excited to get to see them/a little terrified TH is going to crush baby Ollie with his excitement. Remember the gentle giant Lennie in "Of Mice and Men?" Right. 

This past weekend, Jordan and I took a day-trip to Huntsville for my other favorite Meredith's wedding. Meredith Ervin, my big sister in Chi O and one of my all-time role models, married her sweetheart Cline on Saturday night, and we were so thrilled to get to be there. 

I thought I'd share some pictures from being reunited with a crazy bunch of friends/crazy people from college who I love, love, love. 

Note: Katie is not actually drunk in that video of her eating pasta, but the caption is too good to resist. That may be my favorite thing that happened all night, except, you know, Meredith getting married. 

Hope you guys had as much fun as we did this weekend! Every so often, it's good to just cut the hell loose. 

Wish Tom Hanks luck and good manners as we travel today - tomorrow's post will be full of puppy pictures. What could be better than that??