Puppy Palooza

I'm just gonna tell you now, this post comes with a medical warning: 

If you have a heart condition, proceed with caution. 'CAUSE YOUR HEART MIGHT EXPLODE. 

Yesterday, Tom Hanks and I went to visit Meredith and Ollie, the brand new baby 4 month old King Charles Cavalier. Meredith and Ollie live in Charlotte, so we try to get together as often as we can! 

Tom Hanks took Ollie his favorite toys, Kong's (what we call) "Tiny Balls," and hilarity ensued.

These puppies had a big day. 

First, they met:

Then, they went to lunch:  

They shared a water bowl: 

After lunch, it was play time back at Meredith's. 

Tom Hanks watched me play with Ollie in despair (this is taken over the top of TH's head): 

And after we left, it was naptime. Because they just got worn slap out, you guys! 

All around, a delightful visit in every single way. Tom Hanks has never been around a dog as teeny as Ollie, so that took a second of getting used to, but toward the end of the day, Tom Hanks was laying down and letting Ollie climb on his back. 

Next time, I would like to train Ollie to ride Tom Hanks around like a horse. Because that is seriously what their proportions are like right now - a doggie and a horsie. 

...apparently I talk like a baby when I'm looking at puppy pictures. I CAN'T HELP IT!! 

It is one of the great gifts of life to have incredible friends, and to have one so close in a state where neither of us has any family or friends is so huge. I am so grateful for Meredith, and if I had to speak for him, I think TH is also very grateful for Ollie. ...once he gets over his heartache that I was petting another dog. 

Happy Tuesday!