For Your Entertainment.

Okay, so it's mid-week. We're probably slumping, reaching for the weekend, but it's just not quite here yet. 

We need something to make us laugh. 

One day over a year ago, Mom and I were on a big road trip, and unfortunately for her, I found this app called Heliumbooth. I spent conservatively 4 hours entertaining myself (and making her want to drive of a cliff) by making video after video. I thought they'd been lost forever when my hard drive crashed last year, but lo and behold, they survived. 

Like roaches. Because I would deem these videos "roach" quality in terms of entertainment. Like: 


Waaaaaaaay up here is Seinfeld, Curb your Enthusiasm, and the like...



...about right here is "Charlie Bit My Finger..."







...and waaaaaaaaay down here is these videos. (Except pretend they're like down on the floor of wherever you're sitting to read this. Or standing. Whatever works.)

If you watch these and think, "I don't get it." Then you're doing it right. There's nothing to get. They're just absurd characters I made up. 

Still. I don't have anything else to post today, so here they are. Oh God, I hope I still have friends after this. If you think I am a weird loser, you're right. 



May Jesus Take the Wheel for you today. Happy Hump Day.