Miss America: Contestant Rundown, Part II

If you missed yesterday's 1-25, scroll a bit further down the page to familiarize yourself. 

We'll wait. 


Welcome back! 

Today, we're taking on 26-50. Let's just jump right in, shall we?

26. Miss Missouri - Erin O'Flaherty

An Irish redhead who grew up on a farm. 

27. Miss Montana - Lauren Scofield

This is an example of a girl who actually IS down-to-earth and genuine. I completely believe that she is this awesome. She's playing the GoT theme on the piano. Yes. 

28. Miss Nebraska - Aleah Peters

These girls really don't understand what "fun" means. A "fun fact" is not just a piece of information about yourself. It's actually supposed to be fun. 


Sometimes Tom Hanks (the dog) toots in his sleep. 
In high school, I poured dish soap in a fountain, danced in it, then called the police to report someone who had poured dish soap in the fountain. 
Jordan doesn't like most sweets, but can finish an entire dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts by himself in under ten minutes. 

Those are fun. You guys suck at this. 

29. Miss Nevada - Bailey Gumm

How old does Bailey think her audience is that they wouldn't know Judy Garland? What age do you have to be to not know who Judy Garland is? 15? Seriously, I'm asking. 

30. Miss New Hampshire - Caroline Carter

I just...didn't like it. #sweetcaroline is a little too precious for me. 

31. Miss New Jersey - Brenna Weick

And HERE'S our theater major. Singing "Someone Like You" from Jekyll and Hyde is pretty much a guarantee that you've posted a Facebook status like this:

"I'm seriously not doing this to get attention, I'm just curious - am I pretty?"

Consider my eyes ROLLED.

32. Miss New Mexico - Stephanie Chavez

Mostly I'm confused about how a ponytail has anything to do with literacy. Is the book about her ponytail? Is her ponytail the star of the book? Like, "And in the end, Stephanie's ponytail looked at the library with confidence because she could finally read chapter books! Now, if she only had hands..."

33. Miss New York - Camille Sims

Now see? That WAS interesting. Thank you, Camille. But girl, that's a lotttttta yellow. 

34. Miss North Carolina - McKenzie Faggart

For some reason it surprises me ZERO that this girl has an Elvis obsession. She's got a very mod thing going on here. 

35. Miss North Dakota - Macy Christianson


36. Miss Ohio - Alice Magoto

"I have a little flipper just like Nemo." 

37. Miss Oklahoma - Sarah Klein

Anyone who is an elementary teacher gets my vote automatically. You go, Sarah Klein. You're adorable.

38. Miss Oregon - Alexis Mather

39. Miss Pennsylvania - Samantha Lambert

Trigger warning: Basic white girl. If basic white girls have ever disturbed you, please use caution when viewing this video. Not suitable for small children. 

40. Miss Puerto Rico - Carole Rigual

Fabulous cape. Fabulous face. Talent is a monologue, meaning let's all vote her into top 10 because it's almost guaranteed to be either a) a horrific and tragic tale or b) a weirdly performed comedy routine. Either way, it'll make for good TV.

41. Miss Rhode Island - Shruti Nagarajan

I mean, you got me with education equality, girl. Also, Bollywood fusion? Yes, please. Shruti, we love you. 

42. Miss South Carolina - Rachel Wyatt

Well she's a knockout. Totally get that she used to work at Disney. Side note - Disney casting is supposed to be brutal. They basically look at your face and tell you whether or not you're pretty/generic enough to wear a wig and be a princess. Or so I hear. 

I think Rachel has a pretty solid chance of making it into the Top 10. 

43. Miss South Dakota - Julia Olson

Another fun fact: this person reminds me vaguely of Kristen Wiig. 

44. Miss Tennessee - Grace Burgess

Once again, Southern girls for the win on hair-doing. The higher the hair, the closer to God. CAN I GET AN AMEN?! 

45. Miss Texas - Caroline Carothers

I mean, this is straight out of Miss Congeniality. A red-headed Miss Texas who twirls batons. I hope she at least makes it to swimsuit so I can screengrab this moment next to her:

46. Miss Utah - Lauren Wilson

I think it's nice that they let her off the chain gang to do this video. 

47. Miss Vermont - Rylee Field

No shade, but I'm really surprised that she's not speaking fluidly through this video if she's doing spoken word for talent AND is a Pure Barre teacher, both of which require you to be pretty articulate. Also wouldn't have chosen that top. Man, I'm meaner this round. Sorry.

48. Miss Virginia - Michaela Sigmon

There are a LOT of things that I'm thinking in this moment, but I think the one that stands out most is that her name is pronounced Mah-SHAY-lah. Who would've guessed that? 

49. Miss Washington - Alicia Cooper

You don't think someone could've told her that Pennsylvania is wearing the exact same dress, and that she's at an alphabetical disadvantage here? 

Also, her name is almost "Alice Cooper." 

50. Miss West Virginia - Morgan Breeden

Oh yeah, mmmhmm, interesting. We get it. You believe you're entitled to this crown. Loud and clear. 

51. Miss Wisconsin - Courtney Pelot


52. Miss Wyoming - Jordyn Hall

Savage. She auditioned to be a Disney Princess, but Miss South Carolina IS a Disney Princess. You'd think Miss America would've screened these and sent them back, saying something like, "Hey, just wanted you to know, someone else used your fun fact and hers is better. Oh also you're wearing the same exact outfit as another contestant." 

But no. I see you, Miss America. Shady. SHADY. 

Well, people, that wraps it up for first impressions. I always live tweet the pageant, so if you'd like to follow along, please feel free - @mcmcannally. Maybe I'll even do a blog post the next day. I can't get enough of this thing, so I probably will. 

'Til then, keep your eyes peeled for further pieces of information that could be useful to use deciding who the future Miss America is going to be. 

Seacrest out.