Singing with Sid

A little music for your Monday morning. 

One of the things I'm realizing as I get older is how fortunate I was to grow up in a musical household. There was always music somewhere - playing on the stereo, being sung by my mom, or being played by my dad. 

Dad was good enough at the guitar that he could play anything we wanted to sing. He was also good enough that when Parker and I were really small, we would just start making up a song and he'd follow along with us. Some of my most cherished memories are centered around nonsense-songs that Dad would create to entertain us, just walking around the house with his guitar and singing about totally random things. If you are a parent and you're even SLIGHTLY musical, make it a part of your life. Your kids will remember it for years to come. 

Dad and I have played together lots of times - at church, at my high school talent show, for Junior Miss stuff, etc. - and it's always something I've taken for granted that I could sit down with him and pick up where we left off. When Jordan and I went to Tulsa this most recent time, I asked Dad if he would mind me filming us playing together to put on the blog. So here we are, in PJs, playing one of our old favorites: Killing the Blues, in the style of Shawn Colvin. It's not my best vocal performance, but this is something so precious to me - playing music with my dad - that I wanted to share it here. 

Hope you enjoy.