5 Things: YouTube Videos to Make You LOL.

Because, don't we all need a great belly laugh going into the weekend? 

Here we go: 

1. Insane Man Impersonates Insane Dog

I'd encourage you to watch this one several times because it only gets better. First you'll watch the guy, then you'll watch his wife (who has clearly been through this kind of shit before, as she is very stoic and thinking something like, "Damn it, Ray. Come on." Then you'll watch it five more times, wondering what made this man think, "Yeah, I'm just gonna go for it." 

2. Billy On The Street

If y'all haven't discovered Billy On The Street, allow me to introduce you. You, meet Billy Eichner, hysterical (and very scream-y) comic who appeared on Parks and Rec and now stars in the Hulu original Difficult People (which is HYSTERICAL and you should be watching it). Every single episode of Billy on the Street is solid gold, but this is one of my favorites. I especially like the guy who is like, "No, I'm cool," when offered the opportunity to sing with AMY FREAKING POEHLER. 

3. Jurassic Park Melodica

I won't say anything about this ahead of time except to say that if this doesn't make you laugh, I want you to send me a text message and I'm going to drive to your house afterwards to check your pulse. 

4. Gladys calls Ellen

Nothing will warm your heart like Ellen talking to this old, kind of batty lady. She is really just a really, really funny phone call wherein Ellen basically entertains a 5-minute phone call with a TRULY hilarious woman. This is one of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. "I love Jesus but I drink a little." Come on. 

5. Back Home Ballers

This #girlpower SNL video is just real, real good. Anyone who has ever gone off to school then come home for a holiday break understands this one. You're going to laugh and you're going to be signing it all day. #bowlsbowlsalltypesofbowls