5 Reasons Logan Huntzberger Is the Best.

Everybody has an opinion about which guy Rory should've ended up with. But as the new series (!!!!!!) gets closer to its premiere date, it's time to set the record straight: Logan was, and always will be, the best. 

Here's why. 

1. Without Logan, Rory wouldn't have become Rory. 

Hear me out on this one, because I already hear the Team Jess/Team No Guy people coming after me with pitchforks. Sure, every boyfriend had an impact, but this was different. 

Without Logan, Rory never would've taken the internship with Mitcham. Without Mitcham, Rory never would've had anyone nay-say her. Without the nay-saying, Rory never would've dropped out of Yale and spent a year with the DAR, only to return to Yale with the fire of a thousand suns, more sure than ever of her career path. 

Logan's dad was a grade A ass, but that interaction and hiccup is what pushed small-town, goody-two-shoes Rory Gilmore to be the ball-busting world-beater she turned into. Without that hardship, she wouldn't have learned what she's made of. (She would have, just maybe not as soon.) Because of it, she knew she could overcome anything. 

2. He's cocky, but has good reason to be. 

Mmkay, yes. I'll admit it. He's kind of an ass sometimes. 


He is crazy smart! Like, sure, his daddy is rich and he has access to everything on this planet with a snap of his fingers, but he also actually learned things at school. He's quick-witted, well-read, and can totally hang with Rory conversationally. And YES, he takes it a bit too far sometimes (see above photo), but if you think about the privilege he grew up in, he's really not that bad. And he does always realize when he's been a "buttfaced miscreant," as our girl would say. 

(Clearly I'm getting into this as though this are real people. Just go with it.) 

3. He does man things. 

When Logan is wrong, he apologizes. He goes to his girlfriend's mother (not an easy thing to do) multiple times to prove his love for her daughter. He buys Rory gifts for no reason (#birkinbag). He whisks her off on fun dates and surprises her by unexpectedly coming into town from another country. He gives Luke his second Valentine's day present, originally intended for Rory, so that Luke doesn't look like the goober he is and has something to give to Lorelai. He shows up at the hospital after Richard has a heart attack and stays to help as long as he's needed. He made VERY SURE that Rory was ready before they slept together. 

The list goes on and freakin' on, people. 

4. He works hard and plays hard. 

This scene in particular is so awesome to me. I loved this goofy little display, even though Rory was kind of mortified by it. 

Though he certainly doesn't work at all during his first stretch on the show, when Logan finally hits his stride, he works really hard. His plans for he and Rory in California are evidence of how seriously he took his job and his relationship. But even in the midst of work, chaos, and sometimes disaster, Logan knows how to lighten the mood and just laugh. The party he threw Rory after she was bailed out of jail was a classic. Sure, it was a touchy -- dark, even -- time in Rory's life, but Logan managed to take something dismal and help her see that it wasn't the end of the world. 


Somebody had to say it. 

This is a factor. Not because money is everything, but because money buys you oppurtunities. Rory could easily spend her entire life jetting around the world, covering story after story for whatever publication she wanted. She could CREATE a publication. She could give millions of dollars to charities that put books in low-income schools, or start programs that foster more women in STEM, or build an entire city out of junk food. 

And, you know, there's also the whole "Go on a European vacation once a year and have a killer closet" thing. Not that she'd care about the second part so much. 

My point is, she'd have the world on a string. And I know she'd use it wisely. 

COME BACK, LOGAN. Hope we get to see more of you in the reboot. But, for now, let's just all agree: Logan is the best.