A Miracle Product for Dogs.

Our sweet little puppy has a bit of an anxiety problem these days. 

If you've ever met Tom Hanks, you know he is the chillest and the illest. At this point, we have probably taken a few dozen different pictures of him asleep in various positions, locations, and places in our house. If we're here, he is mostly cool as a cucumber. 

Recently, though, I've started working a bit more (hey, Pure Barre! Woo hoo!) and because of that, both Jordan and I have been spending more time away from our house. Last year, TH went from being kept in a crate while we were gone to having full reign of the house. He does really well with that - doesn't chew up or destroy anything - but we have noticed that he's started chewing hot spots into his poor little legs. He'll start chewing these hot spots while we're gone, but these days he keeps chewing on them even when we're home.  

We called our vet to ask her advice, and she recommended a product that they actually use in the vet's office. 

Enter: Comfort Zone. 

Comfort Zone is a diffuser that releases a pheromone they call Adaptil. Adaptil mimics the Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) that nursing moms release to calm their puppies. To use it, you simply plug it in. The rest is done for you. The scent is imperceptible to humans, but I am here to TESTIFY that it works for dogs. 

No joke - literally within minutes of plugging these diffusers in, Tom Hanks had a noticeably calmer demeanor. We have not seen or heard him scratching, chewing, or restlessly gnawing at his paws or hot spots - not even once - since we plugged these in. I am completely bowled over by these results. We have two downstairs - one in our bedroom and one in the dining room. Probably overkill, since they work for up to 500 square feet. One cartridge works for 30 days, and the plug-ins are good for up to 6 months. 

Mere minutes after the diffuser was plugged in.

Mere minutes after the diffuser was plugged in.

My disclaimer is that TH is already a pretty calm dog - he just needed a little push over the edge into Chill Town while we were gone. If your dog struggles with aggression or behavioral issues, this may not be the product you're looking for. 

But if your dog is skittish toward, barks at noises outside, or has separation anxiety (like our little fella), this may be a life-saver. 

I ordered mine on Amazon at this link

Thanks, Comfort Zone! We love you! 

This post is not sponsored - it's just that good a product.