Santa Fe, Part I! (Also, maternity clothes that aren't awful!)

WOW. So it turns out Santa Fe is freaking incredible. 

Each year, my family takes a "big trip." We kicked off this tradition last year with Charleston and Kiawah Island (which you can read about by clicking those respective links) and had an incredible time.

We are a group that enjoys each other's company for long stretches, so the opportunity to all be under one roof for a week is heavenly - especially since my brother and his girlfriend, Emily, are in Nashville, we're in Asheville, and my parents are in Tulsa. This is pretty much the only time all year that we have a guaranteed chunk of time together, and we really live it up! 

This year, we all headed out west for an adventure like none other. Jordan, Parker, Emily and I were all newcomers to this part of the country and were gobsmacked immediately with the beauty of the landscape. I'm gonna run it down day by day, since we packed so much in that glossing over feels like cheating. 

I also wanted to highlight some maternity clothes that I've found! If you've ever been pregnant, you know that shopping for maternity clothes is often a huge drag because you end up looking like a blimp or some kind of sugary cake topper. ASOS, GAP, Old Navy, Target and (believe it or not) Forever 21 have really helped me out in this department, so I wanted to pass along my finds in case they were helpful to any other mamas-to-be! I'm not making money off of this, PS. Just thought I'd share the wealth 'cause the best things in life are plagiarized. That rule accounts for half my  Amiright, girls? 

Saturday: Baby Shower in Tulsa

Before we went to Santa Fe, Jordan and I flew out to Tulsa for a precious baby shower hosted by parents' wonderful friends, Frank and Mary Quinn Cooper. The love and friendship these folks have shown mine is beyond compare, so I wanted to include a few photos from that incredible night! 

I also have to tell you about the most precious thing Mary Quinn did for us. You'll see a photo below of a binder labeled "Raising Baby Scott." Weeks before the shower, Mary sent sheets out to all our dearest friends and family members asking them to write back with advice for Jordan and me as parents. We thought the contributions in the binder were from the guests who were physically at the party, so you can imagine the tears that started flowing from both our eyes (sorry, Jord, but it's just true!) when we recognized the handwriting of our grandparents, parents, and best friends. It was one of the most touching gifts I've ever received and is, of course, chock full of incredible advice from those whose opinions we love and respect the most. Cue the tears! 

Outfit details: The blue dress is the most comfortable thing I've ever put on. Available here. I'm wearing a 4 - runs true to size. The shoes are old J Crew Factory Vans that I'd also recommend if you're pregnant - slides are way easier than laces and buckles! 

Monday: Travel to Santa Fe! 

My brilliant mother orchestrated the trip so that Jordan, my parents and I (who were all already together from our weekend in Tulsa) would meet up with Parker and Emily at the airport in Dallas, then we'd all travel together to SF. It was the greatest feeling to get off a place, walk a few gates down, and see their smiling faces! YEAH! 


After a few hours of flying, renting a car, and driving from Albuquerque (haaaaay, Breaking Bad!), we stopped for lunch at Tune Up Cafe, where I had the MOST INCREDIBLE tres leches cake of my life. Stupid good. Two forks good. 


This pair of overalls, which you can't see very well in these photos, is so comfortable it'll make your eyes bleed. Basically an adult onesie. Buy it here. 

We then arrived at what would be our new digs for the week. 

Y'all. Welcome to Casa de Musica (no, but really, that's what it's called). 

Since we'd had a big day of travel, we decided to stay in for dinner, which turned out to be a great choice as the weather was a little dicey the rest of the week. Tequila shots (except me, obviously) on the roof and watched the sun turn into millions of stars. It was pretty magical. 

Tuesday - Hike and Wilco

After a night in the world's most comfortable bed (you know the kind where you lay down and it just kind of of pillows up all around your body? Mmmhmm.), we had breakfast at the house, then ventured out to hike at one of our host's recommended spots: Bandelier National Monument. The drive there was almost worth the experience by itself just to get more of a taste of the landscape, which is SO wildly different from what we're used to in the Southeast. It blows my mind that all of this exists within the same country. 

The hike was along mountain paths that wound through the homes of ancient Pueblo People, so if you wandered off-trail, chances of finding pottery shards were good. There were a few elevation changes that took place by ladder (which made me feel like Indiana Jones), and around every corner was a new, breathtaking view. 

After the hike, we were drained and also starving, so we may or may not have stopped at McDonald's. Don't judge it. We had our orders taken by a touch screen robot, so apparently that's a thing that's happening. Strap in, children - it's the end of register service as we know it. 

Back to the house for a quick change, then to downtown SF for dinner at Sazon, where we enjoyed a mole tasting and the literal best soup I've ever had in my life. (PS - Mine is a mocktail, nobody panic.) 

The top I'm wearing is another magical piece that actually doubles as a nursing top. It runs a tiny bit small, so I'd recommend sizing up. You can look at that here. I've also got some maternity jeans on from Target, which I highly recommend, and easy black mules from Vince Camuto that are a pregnant girl's dream. I walked around in them all day Friday without the slightest bit of discomfort. 

To our total delight, a family-favorite happened to be touring in SF that night: Wilco! We've been listening to them at Chez McAnnally since Parker and I were in middle and high school, respectively, so it was an insane treat not only to get to see them together, but to get to see them at The Opera, which is a gorgeous indoor/outdoor venue. It was kind of a dream. Jordan, Emily, and I had never seen them live! 

A next-level show and two encores later, we piled back in the car with all our blankets (it gets super cold at night!) and skittled on back to the house to rest up for Wednesday. 

Check back in tomorrow for Part II!