Free Fallin'

In light of a LOT of events that made my heart ache yesterday, I wanted to share this. In the midst of cleaning our basement, I found an old iPod of mine that, when I hooked up to power for the first time in years, played this cover that I'd done in 2011 as the first song on shuffle. 

My dear friend Andrew and I are a couple of amateurs, but I remember this being such a wonderful show and a simpler time in my life, as a 22-year-old college grad with a certainty that the other 22-year-olds and I could bring about change in the world. Life's a bit more complicated now, as an adult. Things like the Las Vegas shooting give us grown-ups lots of moral issues with which to wrestle; lots of realizations that people aren't always good. 

I guess that makes it all the more important to try as hard as we can all the time.

Sitting in the melancholy of these gorgeous chords today and thinking thoughts of hope. Click the link below to listen. Thanks, Tom Petty.