So I had this crazy idea. 

Yesterday, I posted a video to Instagram of me calling my senator, Richard Burr, to talk about my concern for Betsy Devos' appointment as Secretary of Education. I did it while wearing a charcoal face mask, because why not? It's just THAT easy. 

This video got viewed about 500 times in 5 hours, and a few people told me that it inspired them to call their representatives. Which is great, because I was inspired to make this video because of Sara Bareilles' video yesterday (although I'll be honest and say I didn't watch the whole thing. It was 4 minutes long and I'm a millennial, okay? I have no attention span). 

Which brings me to my idea. 

What if we all called our representatives to discuss issues we care about, then posted the evidence of it to Instagram as a means of encouraging our friends to do the same? 

Some questions: 

Q: How am I supposed to record a video with my phone while I'm using my phone? 
A: Good question. Don't! Use your computer, an iPad, someone else's phone - then just text the video to yourself and upload that bad boy. I recorded mine using Photo Booth, then e-mailed it to myself and BAM. Done. 

Q: Who do I call and what the heck do I say?
A: Another good question! I used the site fivecalls.orgAll you have to do is enter your zip code and the site will pull up your representatives, along with a script for whatever issue you're calling about. It seriously couldn't be easier. 

Q: How can we make this a "thing?" 
Include the hashtag #calltheshots (which my husband came up with last night - thanks, Jordy!) and tag your friends who you'd like to challenge to do the same thing. 

If you, like me, are concerned about Betsy DeVos' appointment and want to oppose it, now is the time to call. The vote is on Monday! 

So call! Hashtag! Maybe do your own kooky and weird thing while you call just to show that calling Congress is no big deal to do, but has a big impact. Democracy, folks. It's what's for dinner!