5 Times "This Is Us" Made Me Cry.

(Obviously there are spoilers below, so don't read if you don't want to know!) 


Okay, people. Are you watching This Is Us on NBC? Because I wasn't until a sweet friend of mine said, "Mary Catherine, you really need to be watching this show." And so I did. And then I was hooked. 

And then I was sobbing at every episode. This is a picture of me after watching this week's show: 

A photo I sent my friend who asked me if I'd finished the episode yet. 

A photo I sent my friend who asked me if I'd finished the episode yet. 

Sobbing is an overstatement - "crying" at every episode is more accurate. Sobbing is what I did this most recent episode. 

Here are the Top 5 moments that have absolutely mowed me over. 

1. Dr. K's speech to Jack after they lose the third baby: 

In its first episode, this show delivered not only a completely gut-wrenching storyline, but a flashback overlap that we didn't get to understand until the very end. This speech, though, was the first of many times I'd cry watching this show. Such good acting and great writing. 

2. Kevin Shares His Painting

TBH, Kevin doesn't really make me weepy that often. But this speech about how we're all always here -- before we're born and after we're gone -- twisted my insides up. So precious and really well-delivered. 

3. Jack Pledges to Be There

Um, yeah. Touching for so many reasons - because Jack and Rebecca finally realize that Randall needs the influence of the black community and that they can't provide that; because of Jack's commitment to his kids; because of this mistake Rebecca eventually makes in depriving Randall of William. It's a great illustration into how much our parents love us, and, within that love, all the great decisions and wrong turns they can make. 

4. Randall Breaks Down

Sterling K. Brown is one of my new favorite actors. This Is Us and The People vs. OJ Simpson have shown such insane range for what this actor can do in the ways of both drama and comedy. This scene where Randall finally breaks down after weeks of carrying his family, his father, and his business is so powerful. (Kevin's fine and all, but Sterling is the star.) 

5. William's Death.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!!? SOBBING. SOBBING. Ugly crying. Scared-my-dog crying. I absolutely loved that the show treated this episode as a capsule episode, meaning we didn't check in with the other characters at all and that you didn't have to have any context to watch/understand it. Som SERIOUSLY fine acting, direction, and writing from the folks at NBC. Was expecting to delicately shed a tear. Instead, I was a complete and total mess. AND THEN THE DUCKS WALKED BY.


Did I leave anything out?? What are your favorites?