A Potpourri of Bachelor Info

Well, folks, it's game day. Tonight we find out who Ricky Vile chooses as his wife-to-be. 

Part of me feels like he'll choose Vanessa because she's so much like the other girls he's dated on the show. She's opinionated, unapologetic, kind of abrasive. But then again - who would want to move to Canada?? 

Part of me feels like he'll choose Raven because she's such a wildcard and would probably just do whatever he wanted, live wherever he wanted, etc. She's less stubborn than ol' Nessy and more of a "project." 

And part of me hopes he'll end up alllllll alone as his penance for doing this show FOUR TIMES. Which I do think is an actual possibility, given that most Bachelors say at some point during their press tour while the show is airing that they've "found love," and he hasn't. 

I'd say he picks Raven. Next most likely is that he ends up alone. Least likely is Vanessa. 

But all that is to be revealed tonight. 

In the meantime, let's talk fun facts about this season. 

1. Vanessa and Rachel have a feud going on. 

I mean, who really knows if this is true or not? But it's kind of fun to speculate. Especially since we kind of already noticed that this was a thing back in the episode where Corinne went home. Remember this moment after she left when Raven and Rachel hugged, but Vanessa stayed by herself in the corner? 

Mhmmm. I see you, Vanessa. 

Mhmmm. I see you, Vanessa. 

It's just kind of fun to speculate about reality TV, isn't it? 

2. Rachel and Raven are actually best friends. 

Okay so this one isn't so much a conspiracy theory as it is a fact. These two girls love each other, and their social media accounts are testaments to their friendship. It's all in this Bustle articleRaven's tribute when Rachel was announced as The Bachelorette is so precious; Rachel tweeted the following: 

But the real (and most fun) example of their closeness is that, on the night she was eliminated, Rachel slipped Raven a note at the rose ceremony. 

See that note in her hand? 

See that note in her hand? 

An eagle eye spotted this and tweeted at Raven asking what it was all about. Raven's response: 


Which leads to observation number three: 

3. Rachel's exit from the show was definitely planned ahead of the rose ceremony by Nick, the producers, and probably also Rachel. 

And by "definitely," I mean, "I have decided 'definitely.'" 

Look, there are just too many arrows pointing to this decision: 

  • The fact that Rachel had a note already written to hand to Raven, and had that note with her at the rose ceremony. 
  • Her calm, completely unsurprised reaction when Nick says Vanessa's name instead of hers. 
  • Her emotional, but steady conversation with Nick afterwards in which there are no questions asked and only goodbyes said. 
  • In that conversation, Nick says, "Selfishly, I hope somebody...this won't be a goodbye forever. Because it is so hard to say goodbye to right now." 

So there are some juicy little tidbits for us to sink our teeth into before tonight's episode. What do you think will happen?? Raven? Vanessa? Or Nick all alone? 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, which will be up in the afternoon as Hulu takes a long time to post the finale, and I need it for screen grabbing purposes.