Have You Seen Hot Ones?

Okay, so. 

When Jordan and I were in Santa Barbara in January, it was rainy one day so we needed to stay in for the afternoon. Like magic, a friend of ours texted us recommending a YouTube series called "Hot Ones." Initially, we were like, "Hmm, okay, maybe." We decided to give it a try. 

The first video he said to watch was the Hot Ones episode featuring Kevin Hart. So we started there, ended up both laughing hysterically, and watching about ten more. 

The premise of Hot Ones: host, relative nobody Sean Evans, interviews various celebrities while each of them eats ten hot wings covered in increasingly hot and spicy sauces. So they'll both eat the wing, then Sean asks a question, and the guest has to answer the question as best they can while also trying to stay alive from the searing sauce dripping down their throats. 

The first few are always okay, but once they get to wing #6, things get dicey. Each hot sauce's ranking on the Scoville Scale is listed on the screen so you have an idea of exactly how hot these sauces are. 

It is extremely entertaining and you should watch it right now. I've linked my favorite episodes below. They're full of profanity, of course, so just be warned. 

Ladies and gents, I give you: Hot Ones.