Bachelor in Paradise...Yikes.

Well. THAT'S not good. 

I'm going to include all the stories I (shamefully) read yesterday about what happened with everyone's favorite guilty pleasure spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise. The story definitely evolved over the course of the day from being about a producer suing Warner Brothers to a contestant suing WB. DeMario and Corinne's names were also both originally used, then the articles started redacting the Corinne's name because it now looks like Corinne is suing the production company as well. 

So. Read up and draw your own conclusions. For whatever it's worth, I think we can all conclude that even if this situation turns out to be innocent, Rachel was right to give DeMario the boot. This guy can't stay out of the scandalous spotlight. 

First this came out:

Then there's a TMZ article about it that I'm not going to link because it's gross and describes a lot of things that I don't want to know, so Google it if you're interested. 

And then this rounded out the day:

What's gross to me is that producers have a protocol in place to step in if things get too drunk/out of control. WHY DO WE WATCH THIS SHOW, PEOPLE?? We are all trashboxes. I'm gonna go read my Bible.