5 Things Friday: The Internet is Great.

Look, it's been a big week. We've had James Comey's hearings (whoa, btw), we've had lots of rain up this way, and all of that has made me a little Internet-browse-y for hilarious things. Luckily, I am a loser who spends just an inordinate amount of time on the World Wide Waste of Time, so I'm here to provide you with 5 things that will make you laugh or brighten your day. 

*Cheerleader style*



1. Snoop Dogg Narrating Planet Earth

If this doesn't make you laugh, I don't want to know you. I'm serious, let me know if it doesn't so we can stop associating with each other. 

2. Robert Irwin on Jimmy Fallon

This is the sweetest and best and Robert really is Steve reincarnated. Also BABY BLACK BEARS. Also also Jimmy Fallon is scared of the animal kingdom with is kind of hilarious. 

3. This family's story on Ellen

So I watched this in the car on the way back from my sister-in-law's wedding and I was just sobbing. Jordan thought something was medically wrong with me and was like, "Are you okay?? ARE YOU OKAY??" But I had headphones in so I wasn't listening. ...anyway it's incredible. 

4. Ellen's Staff Recaps the Ellen Episode of The Bachelorette

It's just funny and stupid and that girl reacts pretty much exactly like I do. 

5. Lil' Baby Aidy Being Adorable

Listen, I really only had four things, so this is a throwaway but also something that made me giggle. I love Aidy. And I love SNL. AND I HOPE YOU DO TOO. 


Have a great weekend, peeps! I'm going to my ten year reunion which makes me want to throw up that I've been out of school for ten years. Why?! WHY?!?!