5 Summer Hacks.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I hate summer. I mean, hate is a strong word - but it's also accurate. I am a cold weather girl because years of summers in Alabama, DC, Mississippi, and the like traveling throughout the Southeastern US have made me loathe those days of hot, sticky, buggy awfulness. 


In surviving 28 summers so far, I've learned some things along the way. This list is a completely random assortment of things that I can't make it through the summer without, whether it's in the kitchen or in the great outdoors. Hope it inspires and helps you! 

1. Terro Fruit fly traps

One of the few perks of this scorching weather is the delicious produce that is available. The downside is, you have to be so careful about leaving your beautiful fresh fruit out to avoid breeding an entire army of fruit flies in your house. Last year, I made the mistake of leaving a bowl of apples unattended for a few days and we had ourselves a minor infestation. A friend recommended these traps, and they work LIKE A CHARM. We have three hiding in our kitchen and haven't seen a fruit fly since. 

2. This hack for shucking farmer's market corn

Another fabulous piece of produce you can buy at the farmer's market, but who wants to get covered in all those corn silks? They're like awful little witch hairs. PASS. 

Instead, try this! It works every time and is actually kind of a crowd-pleaser if you're cooking with guests. 

3. Chemical-free bug spray for a good cause

I am a person who is absolutely eaten alive by mosquitoes every time she steps out the door. Meanwhile, my husband sits next to me and never gets bitten. And I ask you, people - WHATTUP WITH THAT?? 

This bug spray is chemical and deet-free (which you'd think means "This bug spray doesn't work!"); however, it works better than most things I've tried and is much safer for you, especially if you have young children and dogs around. And it's for a good cause, to boot! Thistle Farms is an organization in Nashville whose employees are survivors of human trafficking, violence, and addiction. They provide housing and jobs as these women get back on their feet. Not a bad thing to contribute to, right? 

4. Dog cooling mat

We have a black dog absolutely covered in hair (seriously, how does he even have hair left after he sheds all over our house?) who gets plum tuckered out in the summer heat. We carry this in the car, and voila! It's a cooling mat that doesn't need to be chilled or frozen - just stays nice and cool for your buddy in the dog days (get it?!) of this season. The gel inside is non-toxic, so if you have a chewer, no fear - you're okay. 

5. A big ass hat. 

The one above is from J Crew (it's 30% off today!) -  I have it and wear it ALL THE TIME. The material is actually pretty durable and responds well to being folded/packed up. Gardening, at the beach, at the pool - it's great for covering your face and neck, which as so prone to sun damage and wrinkles. Ain't nobody want a wrinkly neck. 


What are some summer products you can't make it without? Please recommend, otherwise I will be staying inside for the next 60 days. 

Happy Wednesday!