Top 5 Gilmore Girls Characters

Recently, Jimmy Fallon revealed that he'd been marathoning Gilmore Girls for the first time in preparation for the November 25th. 


He ran down his Top 4 characters, excepting the actual Gilmore girls Lorelai and Rory (because, duh). In case you don't have time to watch it, his were 4. Taylor, 3. Luke, 2. Kirk, and 1. Paris. 

Solid list. Solid. He also revealed that he's #teamJess, which is fine, because he isn't even through season 4 yet. Give it time, my son. Give it time. 

SO, I decided I'd do a "5 Things" on this very subject. Along with excluding Lorelai and Rory, I'm also excluding Emily, who is technically a Gilmore girl and would also easily be in my top 5.

 5. Kirk. 


When you think about threads running consistently through the show, Kirk is one of those threads. He's had about 85,000 different jobs in Stars Hollow and is a staple of the kind of off-beat, but overall harmless, eccentricity of that town. Favorite Kirk moments of mine include his weird and creepy "evolution of man" dance at Miss Patty's anniversary show, and Luke and Lorelai's first kiss being interrupted by Kirk streaking down the stairs with night terrors. Not to mention that Sean Gunn, the actor who plays Kirk, is seriously funny and committed to all his physical comedy gags. That guy knows how to play a weirdo really well. 

4. Logan. 

"And that's how we do it at THE DAILY NEWS!" One of my all-time favorite moments in the series. Listen, don't get me wrong - all the boyfriends served their purpose at the time they were supposed to. We just happened to catch Logan in a particularly adult season of his life, so it's not really a fair fight. At this point, Jess had turned out to be a decent person, so I get it. Jess doesn't suck either. But Logan's Logan. Love how he loves Rory. LOVE that he'll be back in the re-boot. For more on why Logan is the best, click here. 

3. Paris. 

Paris has all the qualities of an unredeemable character with one special quality that keeps us from hating her: we are her. Everyone has a little Paris in them - whether it's her totally inflated sense of self, her ruthless ambition, her bossiness, her suspicion that everyone is out to get her, her impatience - on our worst days, we all have one or more of these traits. Which is why it's so satisfying to see a character who is totally, unapologetically herself in every situation. And for all her undesirable moments, she's the only peer who can keep pace with Rory. Favorite Paris moments: her slovenly speech after getting rejected from Harvard, her pitch that "everything looks better in leopard," and her entire relationship with Doyle. 

2. Sookie. 

Of course we can't leave this list without Melissa McCarthy! Who knew that from Sookie St. James, we'd get that character in Bridesmaids? Thank you, Gilmore Girls, for launching this career. Seriously though, Sookie is such a long-suffering friend. And I mean that sincerely - Lorelai tends to be kind of a condescending ass to Sookie. She's so precious and bubbly, and, once again, we have to give some props to Melissa McCarthy for the insane physical comedy chops. Favorite Sookie moments include her date with Jackson's cousin Roon, she and Jackson smuggling bags of weed through the town, and her collaboration with Luke to throw the going away party for Rory. 

1. Richard. 

Why am I crying?!?!?! 

Ugh. Okay. I mean, this would be the case whether or not sweet Edward Herrmann had died. Richard and Emily are my favorite non-Rory and Lorelai characters for many reasons. I think maybe it's because, as the oldest grandchild on both sides, I've gotten to watch my own grandfathers go through a similar evolution to Richard's: initially, not entirely sure how to handle young children/girls again; eventually, softer-hearted than their wives. Richard loves Rory and Lorelai so much that it actually hurts me to watch. Favorite moments include "only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch," his speech to Lorelai in the last episode, him enveloping Rory in a hug when she comes to see him after quitting Yale...basically everything he ever did. 

OH CRAP I FORGOT LUKE. Okay stick Luke in there somewhere. Damn. This is harder than I thought. 

How excited are we, people!? It's almost here. We've been waiting so long and it's SO CLOSE. Just a few more days. 

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