Fly Fishing with Jordan

Most dentists take Fridays off, but Jordan takes Mondays. So this last Monday, we had an adventure. 

The three of us loaded up and drove to Curtis Creek so that Jordan could fly fish. In truth, we went there as a camping trial run, because Jord wanted to make sure I could handle 6 straight hours of no phone, computer, or other entertainment besides a book and a deck of cards. I've only been camping once: I was 12, and about halfway through the night it started POURING rain to the point that one of our tents caved in. So, you was a really pleasant experience. 

I don't fancy myself a wilderness girl (unless we're talking Troop Beverly Hills Wilderness Girls, in which case I do), but Jordan has made me much more outdoorsy. Even still, I don't blame him for wanting to take me for the day before he took me camping overnight. He said, "Sweetheart, if we go for the night on our first try, I can just see you waking up the next morning with a stiff neck, having not slept very well, and saying, 'Okay. I'm bored. Time to go home.'" ...I wouldn't say that, YOU'D say that!! (I'd say that.) 

So off we went. Jordan fished Curtis Creek for about five and a half hours, and I read Girl On The Train on a pier with Tom Hanks. Despite having to constantly soothe TH's anxiety that he wasn't allowed in the water (he'd have scared the fish!), I had a fantastic time. And Jordan caught about 12 fish! I even got to cast a couple of times - didn't catch anything, but Jord let me reel in one of his catches and even hold one of the feesh. EEEEEEEEP! 

Here are some pictures from our adventure: 

This is the part where I hold a fish. I've held little fish, but I've never held a two-hander. They're strangely very soft...I was expecting them to be very bony and slick. Instead they were soft and slimy. I got two pictures with the fish before it jumped out of my hands (you can see it escaping in the third photo) and I yelped like a cartoon character. #uncool #needmorepractice Also, my thumbs are in a weird position in these pics but THAT'S HOW I WAS TOLD TO HOLD THE FISH, PEOPLE.

These next few are from up on the pier where I was sitting. Maybe it was the gloomy, overcast weather pairing perfectly with the murder mystery I was reading, but it couldn't have been more pleasant up there. I barely noticed that all that time had passed.

At one point in the afternoon, our trusty guard dog started growling (which he never does unless there are bears around). I turned and looked behind me to see two game wardens in uniform, standing with their arms crossed and watching Jordan fish. Those guys are sneaky! Of course, Jordan had a permit and everything was fine, but I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of those fellas. They mean business. I guess a young guy fishing on a Monday afternoon looked a little peculiar. 

I should warn you before you scroll down that my husband still has that moustache. I know. I know. 

I never knew trout were so pretty! They're multi-colored and beautiful. And if you were wondering, I don't know how to debone and/or cook a fish, so Jordan's a catch and release man. You're welcome, fishies! 

He is very gentle with the "release" part of catch and release, though - apparently you have to make sure the fish is doing okay and has enough energy to swim away. In the video below, he said he didn't spend as long on re-acclimating the fish because the current was so strong and would do the work for him. #themoreyouknow

Can't wait for next time - never thought I'd want to go on a date to the creek, but here I am. Asheville Mary Catherine loves outside. Who am I??