Wedding Gifts the Bride Will Love.

...because, let's be honest, when is it ever about the groom? 

Wedding season is in full swing, and though it's always safer to choose a gift from a couple's registry, sometimes you want to do something a little extra special for a couple that's dear to you. In those cases, there are a few presents that are always welcome in any home. 

1. A cast iron skillet. 

Cast iron is one of the tried and true staples of Southern cooking. In everything from frying eggs to making biscuits and cornbread, this is a gift that will sit on the stovetop for decades to come. Really, you're giving a legacy - a lot of cast iron cookware is passed down for generations. I loved that I inherited some from my great-grandmother. Find some great options at lots of price points here

2. Custom gifts from a local artist. 

No, oven mitts you knit yourself do not count as "custom gifts from a local artist." I know, disappointing. 

Jordan and I live down the street from these fantastic glassblowers Lexington Glassworks. The two guys who run the shop have created some of the most stunning glassware, pitchers, lighting - you name it. We've given several of our close friends these pitchers and cocktail glasses (in the above photo) to rave reviews.

It's extra special if you shop at a local business, because that gift will be both beautiful and unique. And you never have to worry about the couple receiving more than one! Just be sure you're certain of your friend's taste, and this will be a slam dunk every time. 

3. A sweet chemise.

Every bachelorette party I've been on has had a lingerie shower included in the itinerary. It's sometimes tricky to decide on the right thing - something classic, yet sexy, but also something that won't get duplicated 50 times by all the other girls. 

Enter the chemise. 

While super-sexy lingerie certainly has its place, a chemise can be more multi-purpose. This sweet little number functions as sleepwear, lingerie, and (best of all) something the bride can throw on straight out of the shower and wear to put on her makeup. 

I received one of these for my own lingerie shower and wear it constantly while I'm getting ready. The trick is to choose something beautiful and feminine, but not too sheer or revealing - trust me, your bride friend will absolutely love it. Find the one featured above here. 

You can always go in with someone on a pair of thigh-highs, too. 

4. Gift cards to local shops. 

I know, I know, gift cards can seem really impersonal. But hear me out. 

After the wedding is over, most brides will have received a couple of registry items more than once, or will be kicking themselves because they meant to register for something and didn't. This is where gift cards can be really handy. 

Things like window treatments, throw rugs, and some kitchen appliances can be VERY expensive, and returning a duplicate gift often doesn't quite add up to fund a replacement. So while gift cards may not be a physical gift, I loved having them because we were able to pool them together and purchase curtains, throw pillows, and other household items I never thought to register for. 

If you feel funny about getting a gift card, you can always make it for a little more than you might have spent on a gift (to cover what would have been the shipping gift wrapping costs), and then enclose a card recommending that the bride use it for "whatever extras come up." She'll appreciate it - promise! 

5. High quality picture frames from Framebridge. 

I have recently become a disciple of a company called Framebridge. If you haven't heard of them, let me introduce you! 

Framebridge has taken the middle-man out of framing your photos. Instead of you lugging pictures around to expensive framers, you can use Framebridge one of two ways: 1) They'll send you a waterproof kit, you roll your photo up, send it off, and they frame it for you, or 2) You upload a photo from your computer, and they'll do the rest! 

"The rest" means mounting, finishing, and sealing the back of your frame. Their frames are gorgeous and SO reasonably priced. They send your pictures back to you framed and ready to hang - the package even includes the hardware you'll need to hang your picture! Learn more about how it works. 

After a wedding, there are always incredible photos that the couple wants to have framed. A frame kit, or a gift card to a framing service, will allow them the freedom of choosing their own frame, but on someone else's dime. This is one of the gifts I loved getting the most because it allows us to relive our wedding day every time we walk into our den! 

Happy hunting!