A bracket, because Bacheloring is serious business.

I thought I'd share this with you guys a few days out so you have plenty of time to make your picks. 

My friend Katie concocted this - we've decided to wait and fill out our brackets until next week when we know the girls a little better/we've done away with the "filler girls" a bit more. I'll share my picks when they're made. 

This bracket assumes that 3 girls go home per week for the first little bit, and that there are 10 total weeks. But we all know ABC will throw a wrench in those plans, so we'll post updates to the bracket as it changes. 

In the mean time, start thinking about yours, send this to your friends, and decide what the winner gets. My group still hasn't settled on a grand prize, although I'm leaning toward everyone mailing me desserts for a month (because obviously I'm going to win). Download her bracket here.

Watch out, Ben. 


Scoring: As the weeks progress, players receive 3 points for correct choices in week 3, 4 points for correct choices in week 4, 5 points for correct choices in week 5, etc. 

Game on.